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Recorded over periods in 2015/2016 when inspiration arose. There's quite a bit of extraneous talking and other noises so either take that as part of it or ignore it.


released February 4, 2016

Matt Myers: Vocals, Guitar (except track 11)
Chad Given: Guitar (track 11)
Nick Gray: Vocals (track 2,3,4)



all rights reserved


Kill Me After Dinner Fort Mill, South Carolina

I make music that is good to me. It comes from God.

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Track Name: I Am This
I'm tied up,
On the bed,
I'm tired of,
Of this,
Of this world
Around me
It's inexplicable
How I feel

I'm despicable

I know what I need

So take me back

I am this...
Track Name: I Can't Hide
Law and Order SVU,
You watch it everyday;
I am alone
In my my own way

Can I hide from myself?
Not for long.

(Law and Order SVU)

(Horatio came, snorting on cocaine)

All my friends are (pretty dumb)
Higher than the sky
All my friends are
Higher than the sky

Will this end?
Will it die?

I can't hide much longer.
Track Name: Do You See Me
Do you see me? (See me)
Do you (do you) see me?

(In my dream)

And I dream,
And I dream.

(In your castle, there is no priest,
and how do you know what
you did wrong?)

Do you
See me?

Do you see me sleeping slowly?
Do you see me dying in your bed?

(You can see)

I spent a whole year
Sleeping in my head
I spent thirteen minutes on the phone
Talking to you,
It wasn't enough

(Moving through,
Racking my brain I can't sleep)

Do you see me?
Track Name: Something
Find me a place ,
A place to be safe,
Find me a place,
A place to be safe,
And I'll be okay
And I'll be okay
And I'll be okay

I'll be okay, hey

Did you know that I'm gone today?
Did you know that I'm gone today,
And I can't play with you?

Where do I find some peace of mind
To bring myself out of this
Do I have to bring myself back to a Christ
Am I silent?
Am I broken by this evil that I see throughout the world?
Do we have anything left to give for our selves?
Track Name: I Thought I Could Be
I am the only one
Who knows how to break your bones.

I saw it in your eyes.
It was in your eyes.
It was in your heart.

I saw you at the mall
It was weird,
I was taller than I was
Twelve years ago.
I thought I could be the one.
Track Name: Not Dead
Walking pas the cemetery,
I knew that I would see your grave,
But I felt like laughing,
Don't ask me why,
But I know why,
So, don't ask me why
But I know why.

You're not dead really,
You're just in my mind,
I can't get you out of
Anything that I think or do, I
Just can't believe that I
Couldn't do it with you.

Without you I am lost,
I am more careful than I was before,
I can't believe that you're not dead,
Because I blocked you out like that,
Out of my life, into the ocean.
Is that a crime?

You're not dead really,
You're just in my mind
Track Name: Right/Wrong
First draft of the book I wrote for you,
It's called:
"Queen of all the grass,
I'm falling down"

Where do I go wrong?
Where do I go right?

Listen good,
I am the only thing I have left

It's a story that I had to tell,
And it's time for it to end,
So I leave you with this.
Track Name: Running
I bought my car fifteen years ago
I don't know where I got it,
But I sure as hell know that it's running.

I'm still running,
And I'm still running

From, from
What I know.

Are you really all you say you are to my face?
Do I look like someone who should be lied to?
I don't think so.
So I go.
I gotta run.

Where do I run away?


But I am still running
I'm still running from you,
Still running from you...
Track Name: Tired Of Being So Tired
Always I will find a way out of
All of this, all of this

I can't believe I have you as a friend
In my life

I can't take it any longer
I am tired of being so tired
Track Name: In The Tunnel
I saw ten birds,
They flew into the water
To take a bath and fly away,
Fly away,
Fly to their favorite sign post,
Their favorite sign post.

I felt the air coming from the vacuum,
The spray the spray, the spray,
It stains my skin

I fought, I fought for too long
And I made it here,
To feel the air,
To feel the warmth,
To feel the moisture

I watch the birds
Track Name: Worship
Why do I have to see this?
Why do I have to be this?

I have nothing in my bones left to break,
Do I take another hit?
I don't know.

Front of the garden was my place,
I thought it brought me something,
Something sort of like grace,
But only you can bring me grace like no other,
Only you can bring me grace like no other, so

I can't help but worship you.

I hope you hear me in the words that I say in my head.