Take me back (demos)

by Kill Me After Dinner

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First off, you may need to turn this up a good deal to acheive full quality from the recording. This EP was recorded by me on my iPhone voice memos, impromptu, stream-of-consciousness, on a late night in my apartment. The title refers to my never-ending quest to find a sense of flourishing within my life, and it tackles a lot of issues I've been wrestling with. Basically, it's about me wrestling my way out of depression, hence, "getting back" would be me finally getting out of it. Interpret the songs how you wish though, that's the point of music/writing/any art form. Although the songs are inherently personal, honest, and true in nature, they are not necessarily true to my own experience. The songs are for myself first and foremost, as well as anyone I've ever loved. Dayshun Jeter played all the instrumentals on a Casio keyboard, while I sang the words and came up with melodies. None of it was planned, written down, etc. so what's here is raw. You can hear the fan running in the apartment, turning off at times, there are accidental throat-clearings, shuffling of what sounds like paper (no clue what it is) etc. Hopefully some of these songs will be rearranged into what I truly want them to be one day.


released January 24, 2015

I'd like to thank God, my Mom for being my Mom, Dayshun Jeter, and anyone whom I've ever loved. Again, thank you.



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Kill Me After Dinner Fort Mill, South Carolina

I make music that is good to me. It comes from God.

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Track Name: I'm a thief and a liar
Since I wrote you last
I was stealing from the supermarket
To make my living.

I pry open the sliding glass door,
Letting myself in to the unlit fluorescent glow,
Stole as much I could, brought it back,
I knew what I needed to do.
I took it, took it to, to my basement
Where I keep it all
It's the last thing that I have to cling to
My basement horde of food,
And other little things that I can carry,
It was the longest thing that I've been able to hold on to.

I'm a thief, I'm a liar,
But I can't help but follow my desire.
I'm a thief and I'm a liar,
But I can't help but follow my desire.

Is it enough for me to just go and take what I need
No, I need more
I need more
I neeeeeed moooore.
I don't know why it's so
Pervasive within me
I need to take it all away
From everyone who's in the way
I know I'm wrong,
I know I'm right,
It's so silly,
I'm a fright,

So take me back to captivity.

I know I'm a liar,
I know I'm a thief,
But I can't help but follow my desire.
Track Name: I don't want to grow old
I know it's difficult,
But we all have to do what we're told,
It's a part of what it is to grow old,
But I don't, I don't want to, I don't want to
Grow old.

I've been getting tired too easy,
It seems my time/mind is getting
To be a bit, a bit uneasy

Take me back, take me back
Back home to you
Track Name: In arms
I went a way for a long time.
It was nothing but a little trip
To learn some things about life.
I thought it could build me up, build me up,
But all it did was bring me down further
Than I already was, I already was, I already waaaas.

Take me back into your arms,
I will lay there like a little child and
Cry for twenty minutes, maybe more,
Just like I did when I was born
And they took me from my Mother.
I know you don't want to be that,
But you are something else to me entirely.

It's been a long time since I've seen anything like you.
It's been a long time since I've seen anything like you
in this world,
in this world.
Track Name: Tailor made for two
Tailor made to fit the two
That were meant to be.

Fifteen years young,
I was tired of it,
I was tired of it,
But I couldn't, I couldn't,
I couldn't not wait for it to come
It was time for everything to be one

Tailor made to fit the two that are one.
Tailor made to fit the two that are one.